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100%. Our solution is hosted on AWS (Mumbai region) and the data never leaves this region. Our database is encrypted both at rest and in transit. We will never have access to even a byte of your information, and we will never sell your information to any 3rd party apps.

Nope! We will never ask you for any sensitive financial information. For any financial asset, we only ask that you provide basic identification to help you distinguish your data. For example, to record a health insurance policy, you would need to enter just the policy name and number.

Kutumba is one of the few official partners who are licensed to bring the new account aggregator framework from RBI and Sahamati to life. With the help of platforms like OneMoney, Kutumba will allow you to auto-discover all your assets and liabilities if you choose to.

To share a financial asset with someone, you will first have to add their details (name and contact information) to your list of Kutumba members. Then, simply tag them in whichever asset information you’d like them to have access to. If they don’t already have an account, we will send them a link via SMS/email. After we verify them through a 2-factor authentication process, they can create their own Kutumba account using which they can collaborate and access common information.

Yes! With our Relationship-Based Sharing feature, you are in full control of which Kutumba member can view which data.

Yes! To download a pdf of your financial information, go to the All Wealth page and select the option download from the top menu. 

Yes! To delete your Kutumba account, go to your profile and select the Delete option. Upon confirmation, all your personal information including your assets list will be completely deleted from our servers in an immediate and irreversible process.

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