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The ‘who’ and ‘why’ behind Kutumba


Every good product has a story behind it. Here’s ours.

Our Journey

Kutumba was born as an empathetic response to the loss of a family member. When we lost the “head” of our family, along with our grief, we, the “dependents,” had to confront how uninformed and unprepared we were to handle our own finances. For years, we were scrambling around in the dark trying to regain control. And we are not alone in this experience. In fact, lakhs of crores of rupees lie unclaimed in bank accounts, provident funds, life insurance, demat accounts and more, simply because the surviving family has no knowledge of its existence!



We created Kutumba to tackle that problem. We want to transform family “dependants” into active participants of their financial future. So, we created the tool that we wish we had: a secure, convenient digital platform where families can share with each other the financial information that is relevant to them. Together, you can plan your finances and empower each other.

What motivates us

By simplifying communication about finances, we can empower and safeguard our families better.



Smart and secure Kutumbas are #FamilyGoals


A finance app that’s smart and secure,
just like your kutumba


Take control of your family’s future!


We help families achieve financial immunity

Our own little Kutumba

Meet the people who make it possible


CEO, Cofounder, Kutumba


CEO, Cofounder, Kutumba


Designer, Kutumba


Architect, Kutumba


Trusted by most
esteemed incubators.

The STPI FinBlue, a Center of Excellence in FinTech.
The FinBlue program offers access to the FinTech ecosystem that consists of user bankers, financial institutions, mentors, investors and a platform supporting GoToMarket strategy.


Atal Innovation Mission is an ambitious flagship program of NITI Aayog.

Our primary objective here is to create a startup ecosystem and familiarize the visionary brains with the business aspects of an idea and provide them a platform with necessary resources – culture, opportunities, and amenities – to grow their startup units into business enterprises.


Amrita TBI is a non-profit startup incubator supported by Govt. of India and Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham that funds, mentors and nurtures ideas, startups and entrepreneurs

Winner of Dream Startup Challenge 2021

One of 8 companies to pitch at AIM-iLeap’s Demo Day

India Fund Fest Finalist – 2020

Featured in Financial Express

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