Food Cards and Food Wallets


So, what happens to that unused balance on my food card or food wallet?

Food cards and food wallets (sometimes also known as meal cards and meal wallets) are a great option for you to save a bit on income tax, but have you ever tried to find out what happens if you don’t use the balance on your food card or food wallet for some time?

More important, if something unfortunate were to happen to you, do you know if your Kutumba (i.e., your family) can get access to this balance? This money can be a lifesaver for your family especially in these trying times.

Most important and to begin with, does your Kutumba know about the existence of your meal card or meal wallet? You worked endless hours just so that your Kutumba can be financially better off but what’s the use of all that hard work if your Kutumba in reality doesn’t know about this money?

We looked around and we are horrified with the terms and conditions on meal cards and meal wallets.

Some examples for what’s out there:

Sodexo Meal Pass

  • Cardholders can reach out to Sodexo within 36 months from the date of card expiry and such balances will be transferred back to cardholder account post verification of details.

So, what happens after 36 months? Does my balance disappear?

PayTM Food Wallet

  • Your food wallet credit is yours forever. Technically your company might have a tentative deadline of 10 years or beyond, but that can be extended further automatically.

How does one extend this automatically? If it’s automatic, why can’t it happen automatically?

HDFC Food Plus Card

  • The Cardholder agrees and confirms that any unclaimed balance amount will be transferred to the Depositor Education and Awareness Fund Scheme as per Reserve Bank of India guideline.
  • In the event of death of any Cardholder, HDFC Bank shall cancel the FoodPlus Card upon being informed of the same.

Can my family ever get this money back?

Champions don’t take chances – especially when their family’s future is at stake!

Share the information about your food card or food wallet right now with your Kutumba. It’s super simple and very secure to do this with the Kutumba app. Sign-up to know more.

Come be your Kutumba’s superhero!

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