Bridging your financial gap with your kutumba/family…

“Caring means Sharing”

~Bhagavad gita

Does that really apply to even sharing our financial-life information with our family?

We’re sure that you will agree that most of us spend our individual lifetime in the pursuit of increasing economic gains and in the amassing of personal finance assets all with the objective of ensuring financial security for ourselves, for our loved ones, and for our dependents.

But how many of us actually spend even a few minutes in securing that lifetime of effort for our loved ones and for our dependents?

  • Do your loved ones and dependents even know what personal finance assets exist in your name?
  • Do they know how they can access these assets should something unfortunate happen to you?
  • Do they know how they can liquidate these assets and ensure their financial security?
  • How easy have you made it for them to achieve all of the above steps?

Our Kutumba app will connect this missing link and makes sure you can share your financial-life information with your family whenever you want and with whomever you want.

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